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  • Reduced Pricing on all FIRE TRAK profiles.
  • 24 Lead Time on Stock Items.
  • Pallets, you don’t need to order no stinkin’ pallets! We sell FIRE TRAK by the piece.


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Fire Trak System

  • NO fire caulks or sprays required with Fire Trak System
  • 100% compression and/or extension
  • U.L. tested for up to 6″ of deflection
  • Satisfies all Building Codes
  • One-step, cost effective protection

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An innovative and inexpensive clip design that is easy to install, less expensive than many other systems, meets all building code requirements, and is U.L. classified for use in most head-of-wall joints rated for up to 2 inches of movement.

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PosiKlips offer a simple yet totally effective alternative to double track or slotted track systems. By engaging the short flange of the metal stud and then attaching to the inside flange of the ceiling track, PosiKlips provide deflection for both rated and non-rated walls.

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Now Available:
Specialty Metal Products

We’ve been bending specialty metal at rock-bottom pricing for our local customers for years. Now, we’re passing those savings on to everyone!

AFFORDABLE PRICING AND FAST LEAD TIMES! Specializing in “odd-shaped” & “hard-to-find” products.

Products available in these metals in various gauges:

  • Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Painted Steel
  • Aluminum

Typical Products Ordered:

  • Deep Leg Track
  • Hat Channel
  • L-Metal
  • Z-Furring
  • Flat Strap
  • Coved Base
  • Corner Protectors
  • Specialty Flashing


Purchase Orders can be emailed or faxed to Chad Unterberger, Sales:

  • Email:    or    Fax:  877.374.1928
  • All major credit cards accepted
  • All products manufactured and shipped from Watkins, MN
  • All orders quoted on an individual basis, larger quantities subject to price discounts