We know fires cannot always be prevented from starting, but they can be prevented from spreading, saving precious lives and valuable property. We are committed to containing the spread of a fire when it occurs. Our products are developed with the understanding that contractors struggle with limited budgets, yet must comply with fire safety building codes. Our products meet or exceed these building code requirements while remaining extremely cost-effective by saving builders material costs, labor costs, and time.

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Fire Trak System

  • Prevents the spread of smoke and fire
  • 100% compression and/or extension
  • U.L. tested for up to 6″ of deflection
  • Satisfies all Building Codes
  • One-step, cost effective protection

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An innovative and inexpensive clip design that is easy to install, less expensive than many other systems, meets all building code requirements, and is U.L. classified for use in most head-of-wall joints rated for up to 2 inches of movement.

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PosiKlips offer a simple yet totally effective alternative to double track or slotted track systems. By engaging the short flange of the metal stud and then attaching to the inside flange of the ceiling track, PosiKlips provide deflection for both rated and non-rated walls.

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Fire Trak achieves what most other deflection track and clip systems cannot – a fire rating for head-of-wall joints subject to 1/2″ or more of deflection without fire caulk or spray, allowing substantially greater movement capabilities.

Seismic Requirements

Fire Trak has been cycled at 30 CPM to meet seismic requirements. Many systems currently in use have not been tested to this requirement.

Smoke Containment

Fire Trak has conducted air leakage tests with U.L. and has received an L-rating of less than 1 CFM per lineal foot.

Sound Control

The Fire Trak System has superior sound control characteristics and has applications with sound walls that are subject to deflection, but not necessarily fire-rated.