Description/ Benefits

The Performance Leader in Deflection Track and Fire-Stopping Systems


Fire Trak achieves what most other deflection track and clip systems cannot – a fire rating for head-of-wall joints subject to 1/2″ or more of deflection.  Our unique patented mechanical system accomplishes this without fire caulk or spray, allowing substantially greater movement capabilities than other systems.  Discover the Fire Trak difference!


Effectively prevents the spread of smoke and fire
Achieves 100% compression and/or extension
U.L. tested for up to 6″ of deflection
Satisfies all Building Code requirements
One-step, affordable, cost effective protection

Superior Movement


Typical deflection track and clip systems that rely on fire caulk or spray are restricted by the compressibility, elasticity and bond strength of those materials.  As a result, over 90% of the U.L. WW-D listings are for joints that are able to handle a deflection of 1/2″ or less.


Fire Trak’s patented mechanical system does not require fire caulk or spray to achieve a fire rating.  It can therefore achieve a full 100% compression and/or extension and has been tested and listed with U.L. for up to 6″ of deflection.


Fire Trak has created a downloadable reference table that lists the actual movement capabilities of every dynamic head-of-wall joint  (subject to movement) in the 2008 U.L. Directory.


Smoke Containment


Fire Trak has conducted air leakage tests with U.L. and has received an L-rating of less than 1 CFM per lineal foot.


Seismic Requirements


Fire Trak has been cycled at 30 CPM to meet seismic requirements.  Many systems currently in use have not been tested to this requirement.


Sound Control


The Fire Trak System has superior sound control characteristics and has applications with sound walls that are subject to deflection, but not necessarily fire-rated.

Patented Design System


Fire Trak’s unique patented system is a revolution in both design and ease of installation.  It consists of the Fire Trak ceiling runner with a shoulder offset the thickness of the wall material.  A second piece of wall material is fitted tight to the roof or floor deck and then attached to the shoulder.  This allows the deck and the Fire Trak ceiling runner to move in relation to the wall studs and allows the piece of wall material attached to the Fire Trak to slide over the primary wall material.

Fire Trak easily satisfies all building code requirements while offering contractors a cost-efficient system with minimum installation time.  In addition, the prominent U.L. labeling on all Fire Trak products make inspection and verification fast and simple.

U.S. Patent No.’s 5,471,805 and 5,755,066 cover the Fire Trak System.  Creating a shoulder on a track to attach an overlapping board for the purpose of joint movement is part of FireTrak’s patented assembly and its use constitutes patent infringement.