The RediKlip provides an innovative and inexpensive clip design that attaches steel studs to a track while allowing for structural movement. Easy to install and less expensive than many other systems, the RediKlip meets all building code requirements, and is U.L. classified for use in most head-of-wall joints rated for up to 2 inches of movement.

Why Use RediKlips?

  • Replace double track, slotted track, or clip systems in interior or exterior walls.
  • Handle a range of deflections by varying the track depth.
  • Effectively lock jamb or king studs at the frame while allowing for deflection.
  • Reinforce any stud to a track connection while allowing for deflection.

Key Benefits of the RediKlip

Simply twist the pre-formed clip around the inside return of the steel stud, then push it up to the underside of the track leg and attach with a wafer head framing screw. 2 pre-punched holes and 2 pre-formed clips are designed for ease of installation on either side of a steel stud.

Deflection Capabilities

RediKlips are designed to provide deflection for both rated and non-rated walls. For non-rated walls, RediKlips provide both deflection and range of motion from 1 to 2 inches. For rated walls, movement is dependent upon fire caulk selected.

RediKlip Specifications

Short Stud Return (SSR):

– Stud Flange Width: 1-1/4”

– Stud Return: 3/16”

– Typical Stud Gauge: 25, 22, 20

Long Stud Return (LSR):

– Stud Flange Width: 1-3/8” to 1-5/8”

– Stud Return: 3/8” to 1/2”

– Typical Stud Gauge: 16, 14



Twist the pre-formed clip around the inside flange of the steel stud and push up to the underside of the deep leg track. Attach the clip to the deep leg track with a wafer head framing screw in the hole farthest from the steel stud.

RediKlips can be purchased through your favorite distributor.
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RediKlip used in Fire-Rated Condition

RediKlip used in Non-Rated Condition

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