Fire Trak is the industry performance leader in deflection track and fire-stopping systems. The Fire Trak System is strictly mechanical and does not require fire caulk or fire spray to achieve a fire rating. Becuase the Fire Trak System is not limited by compressibility, elasticity, or bond strength, it has far greater movement capabilities than other deflection track, straight leg, or clip systems. It is U.L. tested and listed for 1" to 6" of movement in both compression or extension.

Look for the U.L. Label on all FIRE TRAK profies.

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The Fire Trak System meets all standard building codes.

  • Fire Trak has U.L. Listings for standard walls, cavity walls, and shaft walls.
  • It is tested and listed both parallel and perpendicular to the roof and/or floor deck.


  •  The Fire Trak System achieves a full 100% compression and/or extension and has been tested and listed with U.L. for deflection up to 6".
  • The System is classified and listedfor use with U-400 and V-400 series walls and is good for both roof and floor assemblies.



The Fire Trak System consists of the Fire Trak ceiling runner with a shoulder offset the thickness of the wall material. A second piece of wall material is fitted tight to the roof or floor deck and then attached to the shoulder.

This allows the deck and the Fire Trak ceiling runner to move in relation to the wall studs and allows the overlapping piece of wall material attached to the Fire Trak to slide over the primary wall material.


ASTM 2079 - Tests for Fire Resistance of Building Joint Systems

ASTM E1966 - Standard Test Method for Fire Resistive Joint Systems


  • Up to 3" of Compression and 3" of Extension
  • Up to 6" of Compression or Extension
FIRE TRAK 1 Hr. Shadowline
Standard Wall - 1" Deflection
FIRE TRAK 2 Hr. Cavity Shadowline
Shaft Wall - 2" Deflection
FIRE TRAK 2 Hr. Shadowline
Standard Wall - 6" Deflection
NEW! FIRE TRAK has U.L. Listings available that
eliminate castle cuts and sealants! 
See alternate listing for HW-D-0060 (1 and 2 hour) &  HW-D-1011 (1 and 2 hour)
(See Configuration A, Items 3A1 and 3B1 for alternate details.)
  • Meets UL 2079, 5th edition
  • Good for both roof and wall assemblies

NEW! Custom Hole Punching Available on all FIRE TRAK and specialty metal products.